Chromium Industries is a world leader in the finishing of rolls for a variety of applications, Chromium’s engineering and quality are expert in developing unique finishes that meet an exact specification for any customer.

The right finish improves film or sheet quality and raises output. Yet most processors don’t know how to measure surface roughness or to specify it properly.

An inappropriate roll finish can damage the product and slow output. If a roll is too rough, it can scuff the film or cause it to stick to the roll.

However, the proper surface finish on metal and chrome-plated rolls does a lot to improve film and sheet quality.

Hard Chrome Finishes

Chromium industries provides reliable and accurate models to
improve predictions of surface finish and friction and thus
increase productivity and improve surface quality.

Our industrial hard chrome finishes range from flawless
mirror (0-1 microinch Ra) to a full range of matte textures.
Including; chromium ind. hybrid and textures.


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