Chromium Industries is for precision roll grinding  that is all most effective but the way to recondition your rolls to the OEM specifications within extremely close tolerances. As per also Chromium’s plant is equipped with a wide range of grinders, that is using the proven technologies.

A plated roll is not ready to accept a specialty  finish or polishing. But accurate, precision roll grinding is a critical factor in the manufacturing and finishing of precision rolls.

But exact diameter sizes and the concentricity are crucial for the systematic Like operation of converting equipment and the quality of the finished product.

Our Promise To You

During years of training and having  the job experience, Chromium
Industries technicians have the distinguished capabilities to
restore your rolls to their long-lasting performance standards
for roundness and surface quality.

Our combination of the seasoned operators and the precision
grinding equipment guarantees the best quality and
enhanced service life in your refurbished rolls.


You’ll be surprised what rolls off our rolls

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