Chromium Industries has 70-plus years of experience in chrome plating.But our chrome plating capabilities meet even the toughest requirements for increased surface hardness, improve service life, corrosion resistance, surface profile or texturing. This is because of our horizontal rotational method.

Chrome is slang for Chromium, one of the 92 naturally occurring chemical elements. Therefore chrome plating makes it suitable for a variety of industrial applications that require resistance to wear.

It is also the finest metal deposition to utilize when specifications call for smooth and flawless characteristics on the roll face.

Chrome will extend the life of your rolls between 2 and 5 times depending on the number of incidents but you have in the stand.

Maximize Life.
Minimize Maintenance.

Over the years we have designed our plating services to
maximize life of your rolls, but have minimum maintenance
downtime and enhance your operations productivity.

We handle all types of equipment up to 40 feet long …
50 tons in weight … and 9-foot diameter rolls. Of
course we work on all sizes of rolls as well.


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